Theses and Journals


SETU Waterford Libraries thesis collection is housed in the SETU Luke Wadding library. The collection consists of research and postgraduate dissertations submitted to SETU, and also includes a selection of undergraduate submissions.

Research postgraduate theses are held in the Thesis Room, adjacent to the Circulation Desk. Taught postgraduate and undergraduate theses are shelved at the end of the entry level floor beside the open access computers. Research theses can be checked out at the Circulation Desk for a period of three hours but cannot leave the library. All theses are library use only.


A small collection of theses in art and music are also available in SETU College Street Library. These are held at the Circulation Desk from where they may be accessed on request.

How Theses are Shelved

Theses are catalogued according to series and assigned a unique thesis number. Example: BBS Thesis; No. 582

The following is a selection of theses currently available:

*available electronically through the library catalogue
**available electronically on the Institute’s Repository

Print journals are held between the SETU Luke Wadding Library and SETU College Street Library. There are over 300 titles in the Luke Wadding Library and over 90 in College Street Library. Note: Journals are for library use only for students.


Print journals are a valuable source of current information and up to date research published at regular intervals throughout the year. We provide both scholarly, peer reviewed journals and professional/industry publications, covering the following areas: engineering, business, health sciences, science, education, humanities and nursing.


Scholarly journals typically contain articles written by academics or professional researchers and are aimed at academic audiences. An example within our collection is the Academy of Management journal.


Peer reviewed journals contain articles which have been reviewed and approved by recognised experts in particular subject areas. An example of a peer reviewed journal within our collection is the Journal of Advanced Nursing.


Professional publications are typically in magazine format published for use by professional members of a particular industry, and can contain very topical issues. An example of a professional publication within our collection is Hotel and Catering Review.


Journals are Shelved


Journals are shelved in alphabetical order by title.


SETU Luke Wadding Library: Current issues of journals are on display in alphabetical order at Entry Level. The most current issue is at the front of the shelf. Lift the shelf flap to access the back issues. The posters displayed list the journal titles according to subject.

Archived journals are shelved in alphabetical order at Top Level.


SETU College Street Library: Current journals are on display in alphabetical order opposite the Circulation Desk.


Archived journals are shelved together by Subject Area.



Most journal publications are now published as ejournals. In addition to our print subscriptions, SETU Waterford Libraries has access to over 30000 journal titles available online. Access to ejournals is available through library databases or via Multisearch, on the library home page.


Points to remember about electronic journals:


  • the online version may not be identical to the print version
  • not all journal issues are available in print and electronic format
  • email alerts: ejournals frequently have a facility where users can register online to receive regular table of contents and new issue alerts

To discuss any aspect of journal subscriptions, availability of electronic version of current paper subscriptions, accessing archived issues of a title etc. please see contact details.



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