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SETU Luke Wadding Library

SETU Luke Wadding library is located on the Cork Road Campus Waterford, and is the central library for SETU Waterford.


The Luke Wadding library collection comprises over 180,000 print items, and over 120,000 eBook titles. In addition, the library houses over 340 hardcopy journals, and provides access to thousands of online journals through our database collections.


The Luke Wadding library opened in 2000 and can accommodate over 1000 staff and students over 3 floors. The library, designed by architects A&D Wejchert, is a green building and has won a number of awards including OPUS Award 2001, DoELG Sustainable Building Award 2000.


The library building includes a dedicated learning centre, Special Collections room, staff reading area, and group study areas. The library is also home to the Academic Skills Centre, the eLearning Support Unit, and a Careers Advice centre.

SETU College Street Library

SETU College Street library is a branch library of SETU Waterford Libraries.



The library caters for subjects taught in College Street Campus Waterford as well as the Granary Campus Waterford. The library houses humanities, education, art and graphic design, architecture, legal studies, music, social studies and creative arts collections.



SETU College Street Library collection comprises over 35,000 print items. The library houses over 60 print journals and provides access to thousands of online journals through our database collections.



SETU Waterford Libraries’ Music Collection is housed in College Street library. Resources available include music cassettes, music scores, CDs, CD-ROMs, and vinyl records. 



Audiovisual equipment is also available. The College Street library also holds audiovisual material relating to art, languages, music, and photography.



SETU College Street Library service includes the library, a dedicated learning centre and separate reading room.

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Currently under review for 2021


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Currently under review for 2021

Currently under review for 2021.


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