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The Repository is an online collection of works, including academic papers, chapters, reports, and other forms that have been produced by and uploaded to the repository by researchers here at SETU Waterford.  These can be in any file type.  The most common type is PDF.  Besides the files themselves authors can also add their details and the details of the publication.  Some of these details are essential.  For example authors must add their institutional email address, which takes the form [username]


The purpose of the repository is to increase the visibility of your research to those who might use it.  Putting some version of your work up on our repository is an effective way of rendering your work more visible to other researchers in your field.  A direct consequence of this increased visibility is that it converts to a higher number of citations of your article.  It is understood (and the evidence supports this) openly accessible research is cited more.  These citations are measured in various ways and serve as a basis for external assessment of our performance as an institution in relation to other institutions in Ireland and internationally.  Publications and citations per-discipline are a yardstick by which we may also measure our own progress over time.

Ways to Add Your Work to The Repository

There are two major ways to add your work to the repository.

1. Postbox

The first is to add your work to the PostBox.  It is simple, because everything is added into a single form. 


2. Directly to the Repository

The second way to submit your work is directly to the repository server itself.  In both cases you have to authenticate yourelf using your SETU Waterford username and password.  Once authenticated, you are authorised then to submit your work by filling the forms in.  The forms in the repository itself appear to be more complex than they actually are.  Only a few of the fields are marked with a star as essential.  

3. Directly to the Repository Directly Using the Digital Object Identifier

NOTE: DOI for Journal Articles is Now Supported Directly in the Post Box


Sometimes it is possible to import the data about a publication from another format into the repository.  One format is the DOI, which stands for Digital Object Identifier.  This can save you putting writing in much of the detail yourself.  The publisher will often assign a DOI to your actual article.


 A typical DOI looks like this:


 doi:10.1038/nphys1170  .  

Things to Remember

There are a couple of things that it important to remember when uploading to the repository.  

The most important thing is to add your SETU Waterford email address and the email of any other SETU author to the form as you are filling it in.  The reason for this is that it allows your name to be associated with your work.  The email address uniquely identifies you as an SETU Waterford author of a particular paper.

 If you can, paste the abstract into the appropriate form field.  The abstract can help with the findability of your work on the Web, particularly if the full-text is not made available.

It is desirable to add an abstract.  Abstracts help with the findability of an item on the Web.  This is especially important if the full-text of the item is not publicly available, due to copyright considerations.

What About Copyright?

It’s okay.  We double-check everything for the repository and nothing goes live without first being double-checked by the Library Staff.  What we do ask is that the author can provide the post-print version of their article.  The publisher’s PDF is a post-print but this is not always allowed.  The author’s post-print is your final version and it is nearly always acceptable. 


You can check the publisher policies yourself here.

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